Website creation tool for uOttawa researchers

Information Technology
Information Technology
Researchers will soon be able to establish a website to showcase their research and academic endeavors!

A long time in the making, the Web Content Management System for Researchers (Web CMS) project will deliver a centralized hosting solution that will offer professors and researchers a streamlined means to creating their website. And better yet, it provides all those essential qualities a modern site should incorporate: accessibility, security, mobile responsiveness, and interface aesthetics … all packaged in a user-friendly package! 

A new module in the UNIWeb platform, that faculty already use for their academic CV, will allow them to create and maintain Websites. Users will integrate the new module into their workflows by exploring its new set of functionalities. To access it, the user will simply need to go to UNIWeb, and click on “Menu Item’s”. Everything is set up for the non-technical user and therefore adding images, diagrams, photos, changing texts for example, will be possible with a few simple clicks. 

As a bonus, leveraging this cloud-based solution contributes to diminishing the workload and expenses associated with long-term maintenance tasks. This includes tasks such as managing application upgrades, implementing security patches, and overseeing server-related updates and enhancements. 


Stay tuned for more communications when the tool is made available in March 2024.