Excerpt from the Regulation on Bilingualism at University of Ottawa (PART VII, paragraph 18), approved on November 28th, 2016 by the Senate and on December 12th, 2016 by the Board of Governor, for an immediate implementation).

Every student has the right to use French or English to communicate with the University’s central administration and general services, and with the administration of the academic unit in which the student is registered. Students have a right to receive services in their official language of choice.

Every student has the right to require that a course be given in the language used to describe the course in the course calendar.

Except in programs and courses for which language is a requirement, all students have the right to produce their written work and to answer examination questions in the official language of their choice, regardless of the course’s language of instruction.

In programs that are aimed at Francophone communities in Ontario and Canada, academic units will report to the Senate the measures they have taken to ensure that students have mastered the French language to a level such that they can exercise their profession.