Religious accommodation refers to amicable arrangements to allow students to observe religious practices that conflict with academic requirements. Religious accommodation should not affect the integrity of the course or program.

Procedure in making a request

How do I make a request for accommodation?

You must make your request for accommodation in a letter or email to the professor in charge of the course or to the faculty offering the course. You must describe the religious practice you follow and the accommodation that you want.

You must submit your request for accommodation within the following deadlines:

  • If the accommodation you want concerns academic requirements mentioned in the course syllabus or shared during the first class or earlier, you must make your request in the first two weeks of the term.
  • If the accommodation you want concerns academic requirements established or made known after the first class, you must make your request within five working days of the requirement being made known.
  • If the accommodation concerns a final exam, you must make your request within five working days of the exam schedule being posted.

Will I have the chance to help work out the accommodation?

The University strongly encourages the professor or designated authority and you to consult with each other to come to an agreement on a reasonable accommodation. If the professor asks for explanations or additional information, you must answer promptly, within five days of the professor’s request. The professor may consult with University staff or University Legal Services, but must respect confidentiality policies.

What can I do if we don’t find a solution?

If you and the professor don’t manage to find a solution within a reasonable timeframe, you must immediately send a written request to the vice-dean of the faculty offering the course, or another person designated by the faculty who can make a final decision.

The vice-dean or the person designated by the faculty may ask you or your professor for additional information, and may consult with other staff members, as well as with Legal Services. The vice-dean or the designated person informs both you and the professor of his or her decision, usually within two weeks of you making your request to him or her.

Regulation 15.