Career development guide

Education provides you with knowledge, personal growth, training and experience, while preparing you for a career related to your studies.

In evaluating your options, it is useful to recognize in what ways your education will prepare you for the career you are considering and explore whether further studies would be necessary or beneficial.

Numerous options, both volunteer and paid, exist within the labour market.

Exploring occupational sectors, the labour market and economic trends and job prospects will assist you in selecting a specific field of employment.

Starting a business requires significant time, investment and risk. Conducting thorough research on aspects such as financing, licensing and registration, taxes and insurance requirements increases the probability of success.

Though challenging, entrepreneurship can be personally, professionally and financially rewarding.

Choosing to study or work abroad is a popular option. Benefits include the potential for personal and professional growth.

Being immersed in and adjusting to a new culture fosters growth, autonomy and open-mindedness.

Experience abroad can also improve your employment prospects, since employers recognize the skills developed through these experiences, such as communication, adaptability and cultural awareness.

Investing significant time, research and planning is important to ensure your success and safety abroad.