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Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Transferable Skills Program (TSP)

Shaping the Future: Enhance your career with our Transferable Skills Program. Join us for a transformative experience that will propel you toward a promising professional future.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Transferable Skills Program

Discover our new Transferable Skills Program (TSP) designed to help you excel in the ever-changing professional world. This innovative program offers you the opportunity to enhance essential transferable skills, boosting your employability and preparing you for tomorrow's diverse challenges. Thanks to training initiatives specifically designed to bridge the gap between academic expertise and the demands of the job market, you'll be able to shape your career, meet the diverse challenges of tomorrow's world and reach new heights.

What Is the Transferable Skills Program (TSP)?

The TSP is structured around three developmental areas: (1) Leadership, (2) Communication and (3) Job market and networking. The program is designed to strengthen your transferable skills, which are essential for academic and professional excellence. We are committed to providing you with enriching learning opportunities and resources essential to your professional development.

Please note that while some workshops in the new Transferable Skills Program are open to all, some are reserved exclusively for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

Areas of Development for the uOttawa Transferable Skills Program (TSP)