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What is a graduate-level microprogram?

A graduate-level microprogram is a set of theoretical or practical courses or research activities within a specific field that partially fulfills the requirements of a graduate-level degree that can be completed within four to eight months.

Microprograms offer:

  • the flexibility of completing the program at your own pace
  • privileged access to a network of experts in the field
  • a gateway into further graduate studies: the credits earned in one microprogram can be applied to master’s programs, giving you a head start.
  • an enhanced academic profile: the microprogram can be added to your academic record.

Choose a microprogram

arts building uottawa

Faculty of Arts

  • Anthropocene
  • Composing in Media
  • Psychedelics and Spirituality Studies
  • Environmental Data Science
desmarais building uottawa

Telfer School of Management

  • Complex Project and Procurement Leadership
  • Product Management and Business Analytics
  • Strategy and Resource Leadership
social science building uottawa

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Advanced Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  • Data Analysis for Public Policy: Leveraging Data to Solve Challenges
  • Ethics and Politics of Cultural Heritage
  • Evaluation of Social and Health Programs and Policies
  • Governance and Public Policy Analysis
  • Governance and Public Management
  • Methodology Applied to the Professional Context
  • Politics of Transnational and Global Issues
  • Survey Research and Public Opinion
  • Viruses, Vitalities and Pandemics in Anthropology
engineering building uottawa

Faculty of Engineering

  • Cybersecurity
  • Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence
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Faculty of Law

  • Law and Technology
Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of education

Faculty of Education

  • Evaluation in Professional Context

Enroll in a microprogram

The enrolment process depends on your current situation.

Be sure to attach copies of the following documents:

  • a recent CV
  • copies of university transcripts from all universities attended, along with proof of your undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • any additional documents requested by the faculty

If your application is accepted, you will be enrolled as a non-degree student.

Important dates

You will find the next enrolment period open to non-degree student as well as the course start date on the Important academic dates and deadlines web page, under Enrolment, courses, withdrawals and reimbursements.

Conditions of enrolment

All students must comply with the general regulations that apply to their courses, including course prerequisites, attendance requirements, assignments, exams, and passing grades. Any course failures will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Students who pursue a microprogram may enrol in a maximum of six course units per term and will be considered part-time students.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary based on the status of the student and are different for each program. Tuition fees are due at the beginning of each term. Depending on the program, other fees may apply such as administrative fees, incidental fees, and ancillary fees. For enrolment in a microprogram, please refer to the Graduate Non-Degree Student (special student) category found at uOttawa tuition fees.

Statement of Studies

An official statement of studies letter could be issued by InfoService.