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Tuition fees

Tuition fees are mandatory fees that are charged by the University for education and instruction. They vary according to the student’s status (full-time or part-time), level of education (undergraduate or graduate), program of study and legal status in Canada.

International students studying in French or in the French Immersion Stream can be eligible for a differential tuition fee exemption.

For Spring-Summer 2019 tuition fees, see archives.

Ancillary fees

Ancillary fees (formerly incidental fees) are related to student activities, services and associations. Examples include student union fees and student services fees (Health Services, Sports Services and University Centre). They vary by level of study (undergraduate or graduate), by faculty and, in some cases, by department. Please note that in certain cases, ancillary fees are not applied.

Incidental fees

Incidental fees (formerly ancillary) are fees which students pay for specific courses in addition to tuition. Examples include field trips, learning materials, and special clothing worn in class, which they keep.

Administrative fees

Administrative fees are charged for specific administration–related services. Examples include admission‑related fees (file evaluation, entrance examinations, audition fees), documentation fees (transcripts, diplomas, student card replacement) and enrolment-related fees (late payment and refund processing). Administrative fees are charged on a per service basis.


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