Estimating your total university fees for a year

Follow this step-by-step guide to estimate the total fees you can expect to pay in a given year at the University of Ottawa.

Step-by-step guide

An academic year is normally eight months (two terms, September to April) for a bachelor’s and 12 months (three terms, September to August) for a graduate degree. In most cases, the academic year starts the first week of September. However, some people start their studies in January or May. 

To estimate your fees, follow these steps. 

  1. Go one term at a time using the information in the tables on the “Tuition fees,” “Ancillary fees” and “Incidental fees” pages. 

  1. For each term: 

  • Follow the instructions for each fee table. 
  • Generally, there’s a flat fee if you study full time, while if you study part time, fees are calculated by unit (credit). However, for some programs, such as the master’s in engineering, fees are calculated by unit, even if you study full time. 
    • If there’s a flat fee for your program, you’ll get an estimate. 
    • If your fees are calculated by unit, multiply the amount per unit by the number of units you’ll be taking. 
  • Add the ancillary fees that apply to your student status (full or part time) and level of study (undergraduate or graduate). 
  • Add the incidental fees that apply to any of your courses as necessary. 

Examples of university fees calculation for one year