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Final submission

Ready to submit your thesis?

All graduate students must submit the final version of their thesis online using uO Research within a month of their defence. Please read all instructions on the uO Research site before submitting to avoid delays in processing your submission.

The University of Ottawa encourages public dissemination of and unrestricted access to graduate research. However, you may wish to delay online access to your thesis by requesting an embargo for reasons that may include:

  • Patent application
  • Publication of your thesis as a book
  • Sensitive nature of the content

An embargo is subject to the approval of the thesis supervisor, the academic unit and the faculty, and is for a limited time period.

If you are uncertain about requesting an embargo, consult your supervisor.

To request an embargo, you must complete the Embargo Request Form (PDF) and submit it with your thesis using the service request “Approval Final Version of the Thesis” via uoZone. Once the service request is approved, you will then deposit your thesis online through uO Research.


  • You can embargo your abstract by selecting this option on the form and then leaving the abstract field blank when submitting your thesis.
  • Once approved, an embargo is irrevocable.
  • An embargo cannot be applied retroactively.