Let us help you make a decision about graduate studies. There are many ways to get in touch with us throughout the year. As you advance in your decision-making about graduate studies, consider the following.

Explore our campus: apply for a travel grant!

Would you like to visit the University of Ottawa campus? Apply for a travel grant to help keep costs down!

The Explore uOttawa program offers travel grants to future master’s and PhD candidates who would like to meet potential thesis supervisors and program directors, as well as to visit the University.

Grant eligibility criteria

To receive a reimbursment for your travel expenses, you must:

  • Travel at least 150 km to reach the campus
  • Have an appointment with a potential thesis supervisor or a program director
  • Never have received a travel grant from the Explore uOttawa program

Travel should be by the most practical and economical means, taking the most direct route possible. We encourage you to buy your plane (or other transportation) tickets online and well in advance, to benefit as much as possible from special prices or seat sales.

Making an application

To apply, email your academic unit with the following:

Subject line: Explore uOttawa pre-approval request

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Student number
  • Email
  • Full address
  • Program of interest
  • Name of potential thesis supervisor or of program director
  • Area of specialization
  • Proposed visit date
  • Leaving from
  • Mode of transportation

Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days before the proposed travel date.

Get in touch

Contact your academic unit

If you have questions about admissions, enrolment, thesis supervision, graduation or anything else, contact the faculty, school or institute offering the program.