A perfect option to start or complete your graduate studies.

Graduate Microprogram

Do you feel the need to update your skills? Do you want to hone your career expertise? Upgrade or deepen your knowledge in a specific field and take your career to the next level by completing a Microprogram at the Faculty of Education.  

A graduate-level Microprogram at the Faculty of Education will enable you to:  

  • develop expertise on a professional level, 
  • exchange with specialists in your field, 
  • upgrade or deepen your knowledge in a specific field, 
  • complete the program at your own pace, 
  • have a privileged access to a network of experts in the field. 

More so, a microprogram can be used as a gateway into further graduate studies: the credits earned in one microprogram can be applied to master’s programs, giving you a head start or enhanced your academic profile. 

Affiliated Microprogram