A leader in educational research, the Faculty of Education unites a wide and diverse community of passionate researchers—both professors and students.

A leader in research in education


The Faculty of Education is a national and international leader in education that unites a diverse community of passionate researchers, both professors and students. It is also an official French and English language supplier to the Ontario Ministry of Education.

For the past thirty years, graduate students have organized the annual Jean-Paul Dionne Research Symposium, an event that showcases and shares student research.

The Faculty publishes a peer-reviewed open online journal, the Educational Review, and hosts two conferences as part of its Excellence in Education Lecture Series.

The Faculty is home to:

  • five educational research units,
  • two laboratories,
  • two Canada Research Chairs,
  • a community counselling service,
  • a training and research facility for counselling and psychotherapy,
  • the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS), which collaborates in research, evaluation and training with organizations in the educational, social service and health sectors