Your areas of interest are demonstrated through the activities and topics to which you're drawn. Making personal, professional and educational choices based on your interests can make your experiences more satisfying. It will also help in defining your future academic and professional goals.

    Your values define you and give meaning to your life. Having a career that supports your values is one of the best ways to maintain personal satisfaction and motivation in the workplace.

    • This exercise assists you in determining if your job prospects correspond with your value system
    • These career quizzes and tests help you identify your abilities, your preferences and your values

    Your personality is the combination of traits and characteristics which distinguish you as an individual. Knowing and understanding your personality traits assists you in making complementary career choices. For example, an introverted personality type may prefer a career as a researcher or writer, whereas an extroverted personality type may prefer a career as a teacher or a public relations specialist.

    • This exercise helps you outline your personality traits

    Employers have identified employability skills as essential for entering and succeeding in the labour market. As outlined by the Conference Board of Canada, these skills include communication, thinking and learning; personal qualities, including positive attitudes and behaviours, responsibility and adaptability; and teamwork.

    Through personal and professional experiences, including education, volunteer and work, these skills, which are transferable from one experience to another, are developed and reinforced.

    Examining your past educational and professional experiences, both volunteer and paid, is valuable in helping you determine your preferences. Furthermore, reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of these experiences helps to clarify your preferences and define criteria for career-related decisions.

    • This exercise helps you examine your experiences

    Note: For a more in-depth exploration of your interests and your personality, book an appointment in person (UCU 312) or by telephone (613-562-5806) with a career counselor for a consultation. Some psychometrics tests are also available : MBTI - personnality and Strong - Interests