Definition: Capacity to engage with other cultures by demonstrating flexibility in one's thinking, valuing collective actions (or goals) and developing language skills like bilingualism.

Personal perspective

  • Enters discussions with a firm understanding of personal privilege and preconceptions in such a way that facilitates communication and promotes respect for all individuals.
  • Realizes the benefits of understanding and participating in multilingual and multicultural conversations.
  • Engages with social and political issues in both official languages, and actively seeks out information from both French and English sources.

Academic perspective

  • Articulates a complex understanding of cultural differences leveraging and exploring knowledge of diverse cultural history, values, beliefs and practices.
  • Develops an in-depth understanding of his/her discipline from another linguistic and/or cultural perspective.

Employability perspective

  • Interacts and communicates messages appropriately, taking into consideration the participants’ cultural and historical context and implicit expectations.
  • Considers, understands, negotiates and balances various points of view and beliefs in order to find solutions that are inclusive, feasible and acceptable to all individuals.
  • Can understand and/or participate in public speeches in either official language.