Everything you need to know about co-op.

Co-operative education at the University of Ottawa allows you to apply concepts learned in class during paid work terms. After about four years of study, you will have not only a diploma that indicates you participated in a co-op program but also approximately 16 months of experience in your field of study and a network of valuable contacts. All of these factors will contribute to helping you find a job more easily after graduation.

  • The University of Ottawa co-op program has been in existence for nearly 40 years.
  • Our program is among the top five in the country.
  • Co-op is offered in 82 programs.
    • Available in 68 undergraduate programs and 14 master’s programs
  • We maintain regular contact with over 4,000 employers in the public and private sectors across Canada and abroad, resulting in a 97% placement rate in 2018.
  • Gain valuable paid work experience in your field of study.
  • Develop professional skills and gain a better understanding of the workplace.
  • Discover the careers that best suit you by exploring different job opportunities.
  • Meet key people in the job market who can be instrumental in you securing a position after you graduate.
  • Travel and have unique experiences.