Step 1: Explore the pros and cons of an international co-op placement

Are you considering international mobility? If so, then see the “Working Outside of Canada introduction module” and read section 1.1. — “Considering going abroad.” It’s in the Co-op Professional Development course on Brightspace.

As well, join an upcoming mobility webinar or watch the latest recording of one. Given the challenges in securing an international placement, you should start planning approximately nine months prior to your expected departure.

Step 2: Find a co-op job

To find an international co-op placement, see the job search resources in section 1.2a — “Conducting an international job search” and attend an international mobility appointment with your co-op specialist. During the appointment, you’ll:

  • Establish and structure your international job search plan
  • Learn strategies to overcome the typical challenges of an international job search
  • Learn how to complete international mobility training and meet the pre-departure requirements

Step 3: Complete the remaining pre-departure training modules

Complete sections 1.2. — “Getting started” and 1.3. — “Preparing for departure” to:

  • Ensure you cover all the bases
  • Get to know the health and safety measures
  • Learn about cultural essentials and workplace culture
  • Plan your international professional development
  • Submit the required documents to the co-op office

Where can I go?

We have students all around the world!

It must be in a safe location as determined by Global Affairs Canada, and by the University of Ottawa's uOInternational.
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