If you want to do a national work term, you must:

  1. be in good standing with the Co-operative Education Programs
  2. have your CO-OP work term approved by the CO-OP Programs; to qualify as an national CO-OP work term, the job must:
  • be paid
  • be related to your program of studies
  • be full time
  • be 13-16 weeks in length

Step 1: Attend national mobility session

Considering an national work term? Then this information session is a must! Given the challenges with securing an national work term, it is advised that you attend the session scheduled approximately nine months prior to your expected departure.

Step 2: Attend an individual meeting with one of our specialists to get help finding a placement in Canada

After attending the information session, the next step is to meet with a CO-OP professional development specialist.

During this individual consultation you will

  • establish and structure your job search plan;
  • learn strategies to overcome the typical challenges with an national job search;
  • connect with a CO-OP ambassador that has completed an national work term;
  • establish a schedule to meet regularly with your CO-OP professional development specialist.
  • learn how to go about completing the online national mobility training.

Step 3: Find a job

Here are some resources to help you with your job search.

Step 4: Explore ways to pay for your trip

Look into possibilities for funding, including any scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible for.

Step 5: Training

Complete the online national mobility training on BlackBoard Learn

Step 6: Have a good trip!

All of your time and preparation is about to pay off as you prepare to leave for the amazing work term experience waiting for you.

We invite you to join the CO-OP LinkedIn group to connect with members who have lived similar experiences and to ask any questions you may have.

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Why go national?

For sciences, traditional engineering and finance, a lot of great positions are located outside the National Capital Region;
Gain a unique experience that will differentiate you;
Start building a nation-wide network;
Explore the country.
  • Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the online training you did.
  • Stay in touch with the CO-OP Office (by phone, email, Twitter or LinkedIn) and contact your friends and family regularly.
  • Send us pictures so we can put them up on our photo wall. 

We would love for you to share your experience with future travellers by participating in different activities related to mobility and by joining the CO-OP LinkedIn group.