Where can I get funding to pay for my trip?

Doing a placement abroad is certainly an exciting venture; however, it can be costly because students are not usually paid for international placements. Nonetheless, there are a number of options available to help you pay for your trip.

As a CO-OP student, you have access to the uOGlobal Bursary. This bursary allows you to participate in the uOGlobal recognition program during an academic year without having to pay the full admission fees. Thanks to the bursary, half of the admission fees will be covered.

The uOGlobal recognition acknowledges the skills you acquire through intercultural and international experiences, both in Canada and abroad. Participating to this program during your studies sets you apart in the eyes of potential employers because you’ll be better prepared to work in a global labour market.

The first 100 CO-OP students who register for the uOGlobal recognition program will automatically be awarded the bursary.

The deadline to register is June 28, 2019.

Scholarships are available to students who want to complete a work term abroad. In some cases, students must submit their application well in advance.