Here is everything you need to know regarding your work term report.

The final step of each work term is completing the Reflective Report, also known as the Work Term Report.

This report allows you to make connections between your CO-OP placement, on the one hand, and your academic program, future career, and personal development, on the other. You can also document your progress towards achieving the learning objectives you’ve set for yourself in relation to the uOCompetencies.

How to access the Reflective Report

You’ll need to submit your report in PDF format using the CO-OP Navigator. The Work-term report link appears next to your placement under the My Evaluations tab. The system allows you to submit or edit your submission up until the report deadline. It also allows professors to submit comments and attach a corrected copy of your report.

Please download the CO-OP Reflective Report writing guide in MS Word format and the Evaluation Grid in PDF format from the CO-OP Navigator home page.

Note: Confidential Work-Term Reports are no longer accepted. For any questions, please contact the CO-OP office.

Career Corner

Contact your CO-OP Professor for questions about your work term report. For any other questions, write to us at [email protected].