Are you jumping to get involved in your community?

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2019

Volunteering can really open doors

Volunteering can really open doors. Just ask Élyse Normand, a fourth-year human kinetics student. Élyse, who has been an elite athlete for several years and is currently a coach, discovered the Community Service Learning (CSL) program through her APA 3113 - Management of Sporting Events and Festivals course. She took part in a CSL placement as a volunteer with Chelsea Days, which the Quebec municipality of Chelsea hosts to promote community spirit and National Health and Fitness Day. Élyse helped the team plan and run the event’s sports program. Her tasks included promoting the municipality’s policy on physical activity, outdoors, and sports, as well as recruiting members of sports organizations to encourage residents to become more active. Thanks to her sports-related experience and the knowledge she had gained as an undergraduate, she was able to suggest new activity ideas.

During her placement, Élyse discovered she had other interests related to her field of study. In addition to providing the satisfaction of giving back to the community, this placement honed her creative, leadership, self-reliance, and teamwork skills.

Élyse encourages all University of Ottawa students to get involved in their communities, either as volunteers or in other ways, and she hopes that students will reflect on the role they can play in areas beyond their immediate social circle.

By: Andrew Heath

Élyse Normand