Help others while helping yourself! Show future employers who you really are. Express your drive to change the world by putting what you learn in the classroom to good use as a volunteer.

Volunteering either as part of a course or on your own helps foster social participation and responsibility. It’s also the perfect opportunity to strengthen community ties, bring about positive social change and form solid partnerships. Many volunteer opportunities are available, on campus, around Ottawa or abroad.


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The CSL program involves credited learning experiences as part of a course. If CSL is available for your class, you can take part in structured volunteer activities that meet a community need. Then, you can engage in critical reflection on what you’ve learned, to increase your understanding of the class material and your field of study.

CSL Headlines

Roslin Sinclair

CSL placement gets student talking to soup kitchen visitors

Roslin Sinclair is completing her final term of a bachelor’s in history at uOttawa. One of her courses has been CDN4100 (Perspective-taking in Policy …
Elyse Normand

Are you jumping to get involved in your community?

Volunteering can really open doors. Just ask Élyse Normand, a fourth-year human kinetics student. Élyse, who has been an elite athlete for several yea…
Shelby Mayer

Making a difference, in French

Thanks to their volunteer work in the francophone community, Shelby, Rougui and Erin and have managed to do more than just prepare for their careers!

Extracurricular volunteering headlines

Extracurricular volunteering
group shot of volunteers
Extracurricular volunteering

International student integrates through community engagement

Sunny Verma, a masters of electrical and computer engineering student, left his home country, India, this August to complete his last year of study a…
Extracurricular volunteering
Darius Stamatakos
Extracurricular volunteering

Working all week and volunteering on the weekend!

Darius Stamatakos, a first-year biopharmaceutical science student, already has a very impressive CV. In addition to doing his assignments, labs and ex…
Extracurricular volunteering
Rougui Bah
Extracurricular volunteering

Student perspective: Rougui Bah, Sociology

Bachelor of Sociology with minor in Social Work (2019), currently doing her Master’s in Sociology, she talks to us about her volunteer placements with…