Find out about the environmental projects that members of our community have undertaken.

Sand Dunes

Study of the behaviours of dune dwelling tiger beetles in Pinhey Sand Dunes

Community Partner: Biodiversity Conservancy International (BCI) - Nepean, Ontario

Biodiversity Conservancy International works to conserve life on Earth. BCI is looking for student volunteers to participate in a study of tiger beetles in the Pinhey Sand Dunes. You’ll contribute to BCI sand dune restoration by enriching information about dune habitats and biodiversity and involving the community in promoting dune conservation. You’ll add to your academic, community service and conservation experience working to preserve the unique sand dune habitat, biodiversity and ecosystem in Canada’s capital.

Project dates: Spring to fall 2022
Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 46

Community Gardens

Supporting Goldenrod Community Garden and increasing its environmental sustainability

Community Partner: Goldenrod Community Garden (GCG) - Phase 2

Goldenrod Community Garden’s mandate is to increase food security by helping people grow their own food, to build community by providing resources for other local organizations like the Parkdale Food Centre and to share knowledge about food gardening, including in schools. 

This Goldenrod Community Garden committee is looking for volunteers to help build new garden plots, develop and implement a rainwater harvesting system and plant a pollinator garden. You’ll work closely with the GCG Build Committee to research appropriate approaches, source supplies and present options to the GCG board. 

Project dates: Spring to fall 2022

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 179

Richcraft Hope Residence

Richcraft Hope Green Revitalization Project

Community Partner: Shepherds of Good Hope

The Shepherds of Good Hope’s mandate is to provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need. You’ll work with staff from the Shepherds and community volunteers to conduct research and report on sustainable landscaping to promote biodiversity at one Shepherds of Good Hope location. You’ll research and propose a design for a green courtyard wall, a community garden and other sustainable landscaping features.  

Project dates: Summer 2022

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 93

Growing Gardens

Growing Gardens and Growing Leaders

Community partner: Genvironment

Genvironment aims to create a more inclusive, accessible and empowering approach to environmental education for Canadian youth by encouraging them to use their unique qualities and interests to make positive changes in their communities.

You’ll work with St. Joseph’s Parish and St. Joe’s Supper Table to develop their garden and food security initiatives and promote environmental education, sustainability, community gardening and leadership that benefit people, their communities and nature in downtown Ottawa.

Project dates: Summer 2022 to spring 2023

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: TBD

Plants and Gardening Tools

Ottawa Afforestation Engagement

Community partner: Forêt Capitale Forest

Forêt Capital Forest’s mission is to mitigate the effects of climate change by facilitating planting of forests and raising awareness of the importance of trees and biodiversity. You’ll help to boost  engagement within Ottawa community groups and increase the number of sites ready for tree planting.

The project aims to develop a set of tools to disseminate program information to community groups (e.g., one-page summary, presentations, follow-up materials and key client relationship management information tracking) and create a follow-up plan with key milestones leading to tangible tree planting results that can be repeated.

Project dates: Spring to summer 2022

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 45


Sandy Hill Riparian Biodiversity Project

Community partner: Action Sandy Hill

Action Sandy Hill is a volunteer-led community association that represents and promotes the neighbourhood of Sandy Hill. 

This project aims to enrich biodiversity and enhance resilience by planting appropriate native species in key locations along the riverbank and adjacent upland areas in Sandy Hill. Following integrated pest management principles, the project also aims to contain Japanese knotweed in these locations, preventing their spread to uninfested areas nearby. The project targets three patches of Japanese knotweed on public land along the Rideau River for control by non-chemical means. Areas surrounding these sites will then be planted with robust native shrubs, perennials and trees. 

Project dates: Spring to summer 2022

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 64


Kanata Eco-Tour

Community partners: Ottawa Eco-Talent Network and Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City 

The Ottawa Eco-Talent Network has developed and manages a network of advisers providing pro bono advice, research capacity and other assistance to support community action on environmental sustainability. In collaboration with the Ottawa Biosphere Eco City, a grassroots charity that facilitates sustainability education programs across Ottawa, the network is looking for volunteers to help develop Kanata North ecological tours. 

The project would involve producing both guided and self-guided tour documents with information about the fauna, flora and ecological importance and relevance of the South March Highlands (e.g., conservation of ecosystem services, native plant species, current environmental issues). 

This project is in partnership with the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association (KBCA).

Project dates: Spring to summer 2022 

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 70


Avec une Biciborne, nous irons loin

Community partner: Coopérative d’habitation l’Alternative

The Coopérative d’habitation l’Alternative is a family-oriented housing co-op that will carry out a project entitled Avec une Biciborne, nous irons loin with the help of University of Ottawa volunteers. The project aims to reduce obstacles to active transportation by building a bike repair station, installing a bike rack and raising co-op members’ awareness. 

Project dates: Spring to fall 2022

Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) volunteer placement number: 97