Adebimpe Gardening

Developing leadership through volunteering

Learn about Adebimpe's community engagement journey, which allowed her to contribute to a green project and gain self-assurance.

Chemical engineering student Adebimpe Awotundun is committed to her community. 

Whether at the Pride Centre, the Free Store or the Strathcona Heights Community Garden, she’s made her name as a leader, getting involved in causes that matter to her. 

Adebimpe with Wheelbarrow

Adebimpe has no regrets over her path. “Through these experiences, I’ve seen that there’s actually a lot to gain through community engagement. You can live out and experience things that are rewarding, both for yourself and for others.” 

Indeed, Adebimpe has grown through her volunteer work. “It’s really made me see things from a point of view that respects the environment more, which has helped me become a consumer more mindful of what I buy and of the amount of waste material I produce.”  

That isn’t all that she’s learned. “I’ve really gotten out of my comfort zone as a team leader, which I hadn’t done before. As well, working outdoors let me face my fear of insects and parasites, and gave me a new perspective.” 

Adebimpe has not only gained self-assurance — she’s also acquired transferable skills that you can’t necessarily learn in class but are very useful in the workplace, like leadership, compassion, organization, ease in expressing yourself and much more. 

Ultimately, she encourages everyone who’s hesitant about volunteering to take the plunge. “Do it, because you can gain a lot for yourself and for others. You’ll develop as an individual, a student and a citizen of the world.”


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