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“Hey, didn’t there used to be a bar there?”

That’s a phrase sometimes overheard in the hallways of the University Centre.

Actually, the wide-open space that used to be a student bar above the Dining Hall is today the home of uOttawa’s Career Corner — command central for all things careers. Whether you’re starting your university journey or getting ready to hit the job market after graduation, there’s something for everyone at the Career Corner.

With exam season upon us, students are getting one step closer to their ultimate goal — converting their hard-earned studies into a fulfilling career.

The Career Corner offers invaluable services for students about to enter the competitive job market, says Cynthia Allan, specialist, careers and employment.

“It does get busier this time of year, as students want to score internships and jobs over the summer,” Allan says. “We also help students gain insight into how the program they are in can lead to the career they really want.”

Current students, as well as alumni who’ve graduated in the past two years, can get free job search advice, career counselling and numerous other services.

Here are the top five Career Corner tips for students looking to find a job or even begin their careers.

1. Exponentially increase your odds at finding a job by checking out these job search websites:

2. Market yourself to employers

Update your LinkedIn profile, attend career fairs, see if any family friends work for companies you’re interested in and start networking. Never underestimate word of mouth.

3. Sign up for a resumé and cover letter review

The Career Corner offers scheduled one-on-one meetings with career professionals who can help you with format, content and clarity. A good first impression makes the difference between having your resumé considered or tossed in the rejected pile. The resumé gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job.

4. Practise your interview skills

The Career Corner offers mock interviews and workshops to help you prepare for the big day — the interview. Practice makes perfect. Learn how to handle your nerves and give focused answers.

5. Know thyself. Take a psychometric test.

This process involves two meetings: First, you take a psychometric career test to examine your goals and interests. Then, at the second meeting, your counsellor interprets the test results and guides you through your next steps.

You can access more tools through the Career Corner website. Getting into contact with the Career Corner is as easy as ordering a drink at a bar — perhaps even easier! Just visit the website and request the specific service you want. (Imagine if you could order a cold frosty brew in just a few clicks and have it waiting for you as you walk in the bar.)

Each service is offered virtually or in person, allowing you to book a session with a professional at a time that works for you. All that’s required when booking is a brief explanation of the reason for the visit so that staff can best serve you and understand what you want help with.

The office also hosts drop-in times from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where you can stop by UCU 216 and ask any questions you may have!

By the way, the above-mentioned former bar was adapted into an office after the room had sat empty for a couple of years. Relics of the bar – booths, barstools and the bar itself – have been transformed into workspaces and desks for the Career Corner staff, who are ready and waiting for you to order a tall glass of opportunity.