uOInternational's Travel Safety team helps students, faculty and staff plan safe and secure travel outside of Canada.

Travelling internationally may expose you to unique risks.  It is important for travellers and trip organizers to take the time to research the risks involved in travelling abroad and to develop a plan to mitigate those risks. uOInternational is here to support you with the policy, procedures, and guidance to plan for safe and secure trips outside of Canada.

uOttawa travellers should be aware of the International Travel Safety Policy.  The information below summarises the key requirements for students and others travelling on University business.

Completing the predeparture steps listed below is mandatory.  You will be required to complete these steps to qualify for mobility scholarships and to obtain uOttawa credits for your activities abroad.

  1. Complete the “Travel Risk Awareness- Security” course in the Digital Learning platform provided by International SOS.  You do not need to repeat the course for future trips.  

  1. Register your trip.  Registration will help us to contact you in case there is an emergency.  It also connects you to the services of International SOS in case you need assistance related to your safety and wellbeing before or during your trip. 

  1. Undergraduate students need permission to travel to a destination rated by Global Affairs Canada as “avoid non-essential travel” or “avoid all travel.” 

    Graduate students need permission to travel to a destination rated by Global Affairs Canada as “avoid all travel.”  

    If your trip needs approval, contact our office at [email protected] at least 10 business days before a potential trip. The International Travel Safety Committee will examine each trip in collaboration with the appropriate Dean or Vice Dean.

  2. Some faculties and programs may require additional preparation or approvals.  Your supervisor or faculty can provide you with more information.

Check to see if you have the insurance you need for your trip.  You may already be covered by your students’ union or association if you have not opted out.  Contact your insurance provider for more information.  The Government of Canada provides additional information on travel insurance.

Check to see if you have the insurance you need for your trip.  Your insurance may not cover trips to higher risk locations or cover COVID-19 related trip interruptions.  For more information, contact Canada Life at (1-833-794-0225 or email at [email protected]). You may contact [email protected] for further information if Canada Life cannot assist.

International SOS

University travellers are encouraged to use the University of Ottawa Global Assistance Program which provides the following services to international travellers through International SOS:

  • Pre-departure travel planning advice

  • Medical, security, and logistical support in case of an incident (interventions may incur additional expenses that may be covered by your insurance provider)

  • Online trainings

  • Automated incident alerts and check-ins

  • Counselling for travellers outside of Canada

What to do in an Emergency

  • Contact local emergency services (if available) if you are in immediate danger.

  • Contact International SOS for medical, logistical, or security support.

  • Contact your insurance provider if necessary for insurance needs.

  • If you still need immediate support from the University, contact Protection Services anytime at +1- 613-562-5411.

  • Contact your trip organiser or our office during regular office hours if further support is needed.

More information will be added to this site as the uOInternational travel safety program develops.  Your questions and feedback are welcome.  Feel free to contact the travel safety adviser at [email protected].

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