Research Security is the ability to identify possible risks to your work through unwanted access, interference, or theft and to minimize these risks by protecting the inputs, processes and products of your scientific research and discovery.

Our mandate

  • Promote best practices for secure conduct of research.
  • Share targeted security training with the research community.
  • Assist researchers in conducting due diligence and risk assessment processes.
  • Brief the research community on research security matters, including before international business travel.
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Research Strategic Initiatives

Didier Kabeya
Director, Research Strategic Initiatives (Security)

Caitlin Fowler
Senior Analyst, Analytics and Reporting - Research Strategic Initiatives (Security)

For your request, please get in touch through: [email protected].

Research and Program Support

Masood Erfanian Sabaee
Senior Specialist, Research and Program Support

Amélie Lechâtreux
Senior Advisor, Research and Program Support

For your request, please get in touch through: [email protected].