Faculty of Arts team named Health and Safety Leader of the Month for January 2024

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Faculty of arts health and safety award
We’re delighted to announce that the Faculty of Arts management team has been named the Health and Safety Leader at uOttawa for January 2024.

This is the first time such a large group has been nominated and selected for this prestigious award. The Arts management team has demonstrated leadership in the area of psychological wellness and in advancing the University of Ottawa’s effort to achieve the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.

We asked the team to provide some insight into their efforts.

1. Tell us about your identified strength. How is this important for you and your team?

Arts: The strength of our Faculty’s team is certainly our commitment to ensuring a healthy and psychologically safe working environment for all. Despite the many challenges we have faced, the Arts team has unwaveringly upheld the priority of maintaining health and wellness in the workplace. Recognizing that our strength is our people, our commitment is fundamentally centered on our people. For us, employee wellness is a commitment to the individuals who make up our team. Knowing that work is not always fun and joyful, our focus on wellness recognizes the importance of ensuring that employees feel good at work, even amidst chaos and challenging times. It goes beyond the surface, emphasizing the holistic well-being of our team members and creating an environment where they can thrive despite external pressures.

2. What difference has this made in your team’s work environment?

Arts: We understand that when individuals feel mentally and emotionally well, they not only perform at their best, but also find fulfillment in their professional lives. As a result, we've observed a remarkable sense of camaraderie and peer support over the past year. The implementation of Workday significantly affected our team, and despite the challenges and chaos, our members demonstrated remarkable resilience, compassion and understanding. We witnessed our team coming together, supporting one another and finding solutions. We firmly believe that our dedication to creating a healthy work environment has not only enhanced the daily experiences of our team members, but also has left a lasting impact on the effectiveness and success of our collaborative efforts.

3. How do you grow this strength and nurture it?

Arts: Fostering a commitment to a healthy and psychologically safe workplace begins with the leadership team’s willingness to invest time and energy. Having clearly stated that health and wellness in the workplace is a priority for our Faculty, we are well-positioned to sustain these efforts in the long term. We are dedicated to equipping leaders with the skills to cultivate inclusive and supportive team cultures. Our commitment extends to making time available for training sessions and tapping into existing resources at uOttawa, and actively promoting them within the faculty. We openly discuss health and wellness, and we encourage individuals to express concerns and share ideas. As leaders, we strive to model healthy work habits and exemplify positive behaviours that align with the Faculty’s dedication to psychological safety.

To nominate a safety leader, please contact the Office of the Chief Risk Officer.