Transforming Our Campus: Tabaret & Waller Street Terrace

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Tabaret terrace seating area
The Tabaret & Waller Street terraces are tucked away and nestled in a historic building. Tabaret & Waller Street terraces were once filled with noise and extensive bus traffic, but these impacts have subsided since the introduction of the light rail, making it the perfect opportunity to rethink and revitalize the space.

The university campus is not merely a collection of buildings and classrooms; it is the heart of our academic and communal experiences. As the needs of our community evolve, our campus is continually changing and improving. These transformations create spaces that harmonize with the architecture and activities, fostering unity and interaction.

The vision ahead is exciting! The regeneration effort seeks to breathe new life into our beloved campus. We have embarked on the revitalization of two outdoor spaces, each with its unique character, significantly impacting our campus vibe.

Waller Street terrace

In our ongoing quest to create a campus that seamlessly intertwines architecture and activities, we have transformed the area into a versatile space that fosters unity and interaction with its surroundings. This ambitious project has resulted in a place where architecture, nature, and people come together in harmony.

Tabaret terrace seating area

Once again, we have introduced a green roof that encircles the area, embracing a diverse ecosystem of hardy native plants and pollinator species. Beyond its ecological impact, this green roof plays a pivotal role in stormwater management, acting as a natural sponge to absorb and reduce excess runoff, further enriching the campus environment.

Nestled in the green roof is an inclusive and accessible space with a simple layout, strategically placed seating, and well-designed walking paths. This space will beckon you to socialize or read a book at lunch under the wooden structure providing shade on sunny days.

Tabaret terrace green roof

Below the Tabaret terrace is a space that embodies a blend of passive and active elements, designed to be fully accessible. The once bland space now features softly cascading topography, with continuous lines of sight, ensuring fluid circulation and the inclusion of green spaces to soften the edges. This design allows for a natural flow, connecting people and activities effortlessly. Making the Waller Street terrace a perfect place to meet your friends or colleagues.

These transformation projects are a testament to the unchanging commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and the overall enhancement of the campus experience. The revitalization of both outdoor spaces breathes new life into our campus and provide a glimpse of what is to come and the impact of the Bloom project, our most dramatic University Square return to nature renewal. There is so much more to come!

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