uOttawa among top research universities in Canada

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By University of Ottawa

Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, OVPRI

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The University of Ottawa is thriving among the nation’s best research-intensive universities again this year, according to Research Infosource Inc.

Building on the national success of its Canadian Pandemic Preparedness Hub (CP2H) and its Brain-Heart Interconnectome (BHI), which received the largest grant in uOttawa history, the University of Ottawa is proud to be listed as part of Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities for 2023, a ranking published today by the well-regarded Research Infosource Inc.

For the third year in a row, uOttawa placed eighth in the category of universities with a medical school.

The 2023 rankings list uOttawa among the top 10 Canadian universities in terms of research income in 2022, with earnings of more than $432 million. It also ranks fifth in Canada for the ratio of research intensity revenue per faculty member, seventh in research income growth, and eighth in research intensity revenue per graduate student. 

“It’s no secret now that our university has become a key player in Canada, thanks to its research contributions in many areas, including artificial intelligence, life sciences, quantum, ethics and law, to name a few,” said uOttawa Vice-President, Research and Innovation Sylvain Charbonneau. “Our researchers continue to push the boundaries of knowledge. Being able to secure close to half a billion dollars in research funding year after year demonstrates our ability to lead transformative research, not only here in Canada but also on the international stage.”

The University’s strong ties to six affiliated research hospitals and institutes also brings together a wealth of expertise and knowledge. The University of Ottawa is particularly pleased to see the excellent performance of The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) in this year’s Research InfoSource rankings for research hospitals: in 2021-2022, the value of their combined research activity rose to $153M, up from $150M the previous year. The Ottawa Hospital/UOHI ranked fourth nationally for research activity among comparable hospitals, and sixth when provincial health authorities are included.

This year’s Research Infosource rankings include a five-year spotlight on research partnerships and collaborations. The University takes its place among the top 10 universities in nine out of ten categories. Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, the University of Ottawa is ranked fifth in not-for-profit research income growth, cross-sector collaboration for publication, and growth in cross-sector collaboration for publication.

Research Infosource Inc. is Canada’s leading provider of research and development intelligence for business and higher education institutions. It publishes an annual list of Canada’s top 50 research universities, ranking them based on factors that include total research income, sources of research income, and research intensity per faculty member and per graduate student.

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