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Adrien Heymans and Céline Wan Min Kee
You could win a $1,000 scholarship, gift cards and flex dollars. Collect points by completing daily wellness missions on the app to be entered into a draw.

Winners will be announced at the end of term. See details in the How to earn points? Section of the app.

The uOttawa uoWellness App, launched January 22, was designed by students for students. Its conceptualization and development also provided a unique hands-on learning experience for 10 engineering students who were involved over the course of the project, which began in 2021.

Adrien Heymans, junior mobile app developer with the Student Health, Wellness and Support team, explains: “Students were engaged in various tasks, including conceptualization, design, programming, content creation and testing. From coding to validation through the focus groups, students were involved at every step.”

“The tasks they worked on were aligned with the students’ academic pursuits, providing them with valuable experiential learning opportunities. Students acquired skills in project management, app development, user experience design, content creation, teamwork and problem-solving” says Adrien, who was studying computer science himself when he first began the project and is now taking a Master of Computer Science and Concentration Applied Artificial Intelligence.

The app was created to simplify the wellness journey for students by creating engaging, easy-access content. Students can book appointments, access peer wellness chats and self-help, share wellness tips with friends, book light-therapy and plant rooms, see future events and much more. As students explore and use the app, they earn points for badges – such as by creating an avatar, sharing a tip or event, or booking a service. Depending on your badge, you’ll be eligible for prizes.

Haard Trivedi was studying software engineering with option in business management and entrepreneurship when he was involved. He now works as a Fullstack Engineer for Fidelity Investments.

Haard says: “It was enlightening to learn more about the importance of mental health and the various resources that are available on campus at uOttawa. Life in general, and University, can be stressful. I believe it’s essential for students to know how to access those resources. Having that info at their fingertips with this app will help.”

Haard Trivedi
Built by students for students

“I learned valuable lessons, not just related to engineering, but also in product development. The entire process of building something from scratch was novel.”

Haard Trivedi

— Former software engineering student who worked on the app.

Céline Wan Min Kee, a fourth-year computer science student, says: “This was my first time working on a real project that involved using React and TypeScript. As someone who had just finished their first year of study, it was an amazing experience. It expanded my front-end development skills and helped me to improve my problem-solving and collaboration skills.”

Built by students for students

“It was an amazing experience. It expanded my front-end development skills and helped me to improve my problem-solving and collaboration skills.”

Céline Wan Min Kee

— A fourth-year computer science student who worked on the app

Prior to its launch, the uoWellness App was tested by 50 students who provided valuable feedback during two focus groups in 2021 and 2023. Its key features and navigation logic were determined by student surveys and feedback from representatives from Student Health, Wellness and Support teams, which includes physical health, mental health, case management and health promotion and prevention.

Thanks to these students, all uOttawa students now have access to a comprehensive resource that offers support, guidance and a myriad of tools that respond to every aspect of a wellness journey.

Jennifer Keays, health education, promotion and prevention manager, adds: “The uoWellness App will provide our student community with easy access to tools and knowledge, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health and wellness, and resulting in a more health-literate campus.”

Since its launch, more than 500 students have downloaded and added the uoWellness App to their iOS and Android phones. Add it to yours today and stay healthy!

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