Gaia is the Geography and Environmental Studies Student Association at the University of Ottawa. We are here to serve and represent the student bodies of these programs and to help better your university experience.

“Gaia“ (pronounced guy-a), according to Greek Mythology, is the goddess of the Earth. James Lovelock used the term in the 1970s to describe the earth as a living, self-regulating organism.

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The GGSA is a departmental organization responsible for supporting and representing graduate students in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Ottawa. We allow the voices of graduate students to be heard by sitting in and voting at department assemblies. We also organize social events to encourage human geographers, physical geographers, and geomatics specialists to interact with and learn from each other.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get quick updates on our activities and events!

GGSA Executive Committee Members 2021:

President - Kethra Campbell-Heaton

VP Communications - Ayshan Mammadzada

VP Social - Brandon Pludwinksi

GSAED  Rep - Shannon Leitch

CUPE 2626 Steward - Claudia Sauro

Departmental Assembly rep  PhD - Celeste Digiovanni

Departmental Assembly rep Masters - Galen Richardson

Treasurer - Yulun Wu


President - Kethra Campbell-Heaton

Hi! I’m Kethra and I am the GGSA president! I am a first year PhD student studying with Dr. Denis Lacelle. My research focuses on permafrost hydrology, more specifically the implications of climate change and permafrost thaw on high Arctic watersheds.

Kethra Campbell-Heaton

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