Undergraduate Student Association (ADELSA)

ADELSA stands for Association des Étudiants en Linguistique/Linguistic Student Association. The association is there to represent the student body at the departmental and faculty levels, organizes social events and informs student of important news happening in the Department of Linguistics and provide academic information.

ADELSA representatives participate in the internal governance of the Department, through the departmental assembly and various committees.

Please visit their Web site on a regular basis for up to date information that pertains to social events and academics within the Department.

For more information, please drop a note in the ADELSA mailbox at: 70 Laurier Avenue East, Room 401, or send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Graduate Student Association (ADLINGA)

The Graduate Student Association serves the interests of graduate students in the Department and represents them through the departmental assembly and various committees. In addition, the association is a member of the Graduate Student Association of the University of Ottawa.

The association comprises all graduate students in the Department. A president and secretary-treasurer are elected each year at the beginning of October. The association meets monthly to discuss the needs and concerns of graduate students and is active year-round, including during the summer semester.

Among its many activities, the association manages the Reading Room and is responsible for the publication of the Ottawa Papers in Linguistics (OPL). Graduate students are encouraged to contact the association through the Department secretary.