Geomatics is a rapidly expanding branch of geography, with concrete applications in areas such as healthcare planning, epidemiology, criminology, defence and security, disaster management, environmental and resource monitoring and urban planning. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and global positioning systems have made it easier to capture, manage and visualize geospatial information. From producing more efficient transit schedules to mapping disease outbreaks or assessing the seismic or health risks associated with our built environments, geomatics plays an essential role in supporting decision makers.


Microprogram in Geomatics

This microprogram can be integrated into most of the BA and BSc programs of the Faculty of Arts. The 12 course-unit microprogram in Geomatics allows students to develop competencies in geomatics applications in view of applying them to a wide variety of fields and disciplines. The field of geomatics uses science and information technologies to gather and manage spatial data. It draws on a variety of disciplines such as geography, computer science, mathematics, as well as GIS, GPS, and remote sensing. The applications of geomatics include health-care planning, epidemiology, criminology, environmental monitoring and urban planning. It is ubiquitous in today’s society; there are numerous examples of this including the creation of the Centre for Geography and Exploration in Ottawa, the evolution of Google Maps, the navigation of autonomous vehicles, and the growing use of satellite remote sensing of the environment.

The name of the option will appear on your transcript. Adding one or several options to your degree allows you to be the architect of your degree and develop additional competencies beyond your fields of study.

Option Structure


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