What is religion? How can we study it? How is it shaped by collective and personal histories? How is it influenced by social and political dynamics? How is it expressed in art, cinema, media and popular culture? How does the study of religion help to understand current events and conflicts? These are questions you will explore in Religious Studies. Along with thorough training in methods used to study religion, we offer several areas of specialization: Spiritualities and Cultures; Religion, Politics and Public Policy; Religion in Antiquity. 

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4 years120 units
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Honours BA in Religious Studies

This program is currently not accepting applications.

The Honours BA in Religious Studies will give you a thorough training in methods used to study religion and will allow you to specialize in one of three concentrations within the program: Spiritualities and Cultures; Religion, Politics, and Public Policy; or Religion in Antiquity. (For courses included in these concentrations, see the program requirements under Program Structure in the link below.) You will learn how human religiosity intersects with other areas of human activity and will be able to think critically and comparatively about those interactions—a skill that is valuable in many areas of work. The program will qualify you to apply to graduate programs in the study of religion.

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42 units
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Major in Religious Studies

In The Major in Religious Studies program, you will develop a thorough understanding of religious experience and behaviour, while at the same time pursuing another Major or Minor to complete your degree. The Major will give you a foundation in methods used to study religion and will allow you to pursue topics that spark your interest when selecting the remainder of your courses. The Major will equip you with cultural knowledge and critical skills that can be applied in many fields, such as communications, public administration, law, business, education and health.

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30 units
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Minor in Religious Studies

The Minor in Religious Studies is an ideal way to pursue an interest in religion while focusing on a Major or Honours in another program. You will receive an introduction to the main religious traditions in the world and will be able to choose from an array of courses to complete the minor. You can investigate a particular religious tradition in more depth, study how religion intersects with aspects of contemporary life, or explore ways to understand religious experience and behaviour.

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Our scholarship program is one of the most generous in the country. It rewards not only your pre-university academic achievements, but also your achievements every term of full-time study at University. A scholarship is awarded for academic achievements while a bursary is awarded based on financial need.
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Museum of Classical Antiquities

The Department of Classics and Religious Studies

Our Department consists of two sectors, namely Classics and Religious Studies. In the Classics sector, the professors and programs deal primarily with the ancient languages, archaeology, history and literature, as well as the religion and mythology, of the Graeco-Roman world. In the Religious Studies sector, the professors and programs cover mainly world religions, anthropology, sociology and psychology of religion, while also including the religion of Antiquity.
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