Whether you need help understanding concepts in lectures or want to meet with peers to discuss and prepare for midterms and exams or you are looking for motivation in your study, we have the group for you.

Study group

Do you need help understanding concepts in lectures and want to meet with peers to discuss and prepare for midterms and exams? Or are you feeling confident about the course material and wish to further test your knowledge to see if you are on the right track? If so, join the study groups offered by us, the student mentors at the Faculty of Arts!

The groups will be facilitated by the mentors in an informal and relaxed environment designed for you to connect with your peers. Are study groups tutoring sessions? No, because we do not teach course content but rather help you gain the tools needed to understand it! You will help each other grasp the material, learn effective study methods, and make new friends in the process!

The following Study groups will be offered in person:

HIS1111 + HIS1511 (Bilingual) - ENG 1120 H,K,T - PHI1101 K+L - PHI1102 C - CLA1102 A - CMN2101 C - PHI1502 C - LIN2310 A - CMN1560 B

Please note that we do not record our study groups.

The official schedule 

Date Course Mentor Time
Jan 30th  PHI1101 Kevine 16:00
Jan 25th PHI1102 Daniel 18:00
TBD ENG1120 Emily TBD
Jan 25th  CMN1560 Amélie 10:00
TBD CLA1102 Marianne TBD
TBD CMN2101 Maude TBD
TBD PHI1502 Daniel TBD
TBD LIN2310 Kassia TBD
TBD HIS1511+1111 Alison TBD


For more information, contact the Student Mentors via email at [email protected].


Study streams

Are you looking for motivation for your study? Do you work best in a group environment to feel empowered and stay accountable?

If so, sign up for our study streams! These sessions will be led by student mentors from the Faculty of Arts to provide you with a virtual study environment. It's super simple - any student is welcome, you can come and study for any course and the mentor will provide you with a comfortable space to study on your own and with the support of your colleagues. 

Our study streams will be happening online via Microsoft Teams. Once you register to a session, you will receive the link to the MS Teams meeting on the day of the event! Check out our study stream sessions below and sign-up!