We offer various workshops to help you develop your study strategies. Workshops are run by student mentors in a relaxed atmosphere where participants can all share their experiences and tips for success. We also have short videos explaining different study techniques for you to check out below!

If you prefer an individual session to discuss study techniques, book yourself an appointment with a mentor here by selecting the mentoring option!


Syllabus and Professor Communcations

Description: Your course syllabus is probably one of the most important pieces of paper that you will receive in your course, it has only important information. Join our mentors to know how to best use your syllabus to succeed in your course. At the same time, we will be showing you the best ways to communicate with your professor, both written and verbally to leave your mark on your professor, in a good way.

Schedule: January 23rd starting at 11:30 am in Simard (SMD) room 422. See you there!


Taking back your time

Description: Our mentors are excited to help you take back your time, to better organize your schedule and to best prepare you for what life throws at you. This event will show you the possibility of a work-school-life balance and showcase everything that you are able to accomplish. Join us during the winter term, we know you can make the time!

Schedule: TBD


How to make friends

Description: Online schooling as well as restrictions has had an impact on our social interactions. Join the mentors with tips and tricks on how to overcome social difficulties, make a friend and better your university experience.

Schedule: TBD


uOttawa 101

Description: This could be your first time on campus, or you could have been here for years and not know where things are. uOttawa 101 is the perfect event for you to learn all that your university has to offer. From financial aid to academic accommodations, to getting around your campus, this is the event for you.

Schedule: TBD