Collage of faces parts from all ethnic origins


Conceived under the auspices of the Air Canada Professorship in Anti-racism, this panel is an internal conversation within the Faculty of Education. It brings together some of the highest calibres within the Faculty to share and have a conversation on the state of the art on anti-racism and de/post/anti-colonialism.

Speakers: Tricia McGuire-Adams, Tim Stanley, Phyllis Dalley, Lerona Dana Lewis


Photographs, audio or video recordings may be taken during the event which identify you. By attending the event, you therefore agree to be included in such photographs, audio or video recordings, and consent to the University's use of them in its activities and events and in its print and electronic promotional material, including on its own website or social media. If you have any questions, comments or accommodation needs, please contact us at [email protected].

Date and time
Feb 9, 2023
All day
Format and location
In person
Resource Centre LMX 203
This is a bilingual session, but mostly in English
Undergraduate students
Organized by
Faculty of Education