Phyllis Dalley
Phyllis Dalley
Full Professor

LMX 337
613-562-5800 ext. 4120

Phyllis Dalley, Ph.D., is a professor and researcher at the University of Ottawa. She is an educator and sociolinguist invested in basic and didactic research in education. As a sociolinguist, she is interested in the role of language(s) as a tool of differentiation and subversion in the processes of inclusion and exclusion by the school. As a pedagogue, she is actively working on translating sociolinguistic and critical theory into inclusive pedagogical practice. She is currently completing province-wide research on identity construction and oral communication in the classroom. Professor Dalley is also the principal investigator for a study of the relationship between community homework clubs and public schools. She is also the Director of the Educational Research Unit, A School for All, located in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Phyllis Dalley directs the research group " Les Chantiers d'Actions et de Recherche pour des Ffrancophonies inclusives (CARFfI)."

Research interests

  • Equity
  • Francophonie in minority contexts (foundations; leadership and policy)
  • Language and identity
  • Minorities and education