This paper studies whether conveying student-specific teacher expectations of high effort and achievement affect short-term and long-term student performance and non-cognitive outcomes. We work with over 280 primary and secondary school classrooms in Pakistan, and find that expectations conveyed individually to students, or with additional encouragement from a similar peer, can improve academic performance.


Minahil Asim

Minahil Asim

Assistant Professor

Professor Minahil Asim’s research explores the effectiveness of education reforms and policies that are focused on improving learning outcomes and educational trajectories for disadvantaged students. Her work attempts to advance knowledge on how management and leadership practises of actors along the education delivery chain impact student outcomes; and how direct support to students at home or in school can improve their engagement and learning. She uses a variety of research methods in her work, including process-tracing methods, field experiments, and quasi-experimental strategies and has active projects in Pakistan, Ghana, and the United States.


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