The University of Ottawa Engineering Sales School (uOESS) leverages the Faculty of Engineering’s research, industry partnerships, and worldwide alumni to deliver a portfolio of powerful courses aiming to equip engineering students – and professionals – with the skills needed to make an impact in the business world and to build a successful, satisfying career. Since 2009, over 3000 uOttawa engineering students have benefitted from these trainings as credit-worthy courses and have all gone on to pursue highly successful career paths.

Through a partnership with the uOttawa Professional Development Institute, these courses are now accessible to professional engineers and computer scientists, companies, and teams.

How can this program help you?

As the world is quickly evolving, every aspect of today’s engineering world is changing with lightning speed. Key factors are the:

  • New core knowledge - and new knowledge intersections - needed to create today’s solutions
  • Ever-developing business and social models that devour this engineering output
  • Wide range of human-centric skills that use knowledge to deliver low-risk, timely, profitable solutions

Discover our three learning streams

The Business Communication & Influence (BCI) Program

Skills for engineers from every level & discipline.

Those will be tackled during three learning modules and a practical one. Take this opportunity to learn more about listening, questioning, dialogue management, human motivation and influence skills.

Presentations, Proposals, Pitches & Pricing

Leverage every engineer’s logic & process skills.

Acquire those skills either as part of the BCI/CSE program or during an intensive workshop. With our personalized workshops, you will be able to develop sales skills such as analysis, logic and reasoning.

The Certified Sales Engineer (CSE) Program

Skills that deliver immediate commercial outcomes.

The Certified Sales Engineer (CSE) program is based on the Business Communication and Influence (BCI) one and is here to help you gain skills in sales, entrepreneurship, advertising, product management and more.