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University Research Chair
Professor Vida Dujmovic has been awarded a prestigious University Research Chair in Structural and Algorithmic Graph Theory. This new chair recognizes Dujmovic’s cutting-edge research program in this area.

The University Research Chair (URC) program seeks to foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity and excellence within the University of Ottawa research portfolio. Chairs are awarded to researchers demonstrating continued outstanding accomplishments in their field of study as well as dedication to supporting research in the University’s strategic areas. 

Vida Dujmovic’s research aims to unravel the fundamental structure of complex graphs, to solve deep computational and algorithmic problems that arise in all fields. 

Dedicated to advancing theoretical computer science, Dujmovic solved a 30-year-old problem in planar graph theory. Resolving conjectures dating back to 1992 and 2002, her findings helped advance the understanding of planar graphs and address longstanding problems related to queue layouts, non-repetitive coloring, p-centred colouring and adjacency labelling. 

Dujmovic also received the 2023 Glinski Award for Excellence in Research, awarded by the Faculty of Engineering.  She first joined the University of Ottawa as an assistant professor in 2013 and was promoted to associate professor in 2018. Her research has garnered national and international attention, as evidenced by her extensive portfolio of more than 140 publications and significant funding valued at more than $1 million over the past 10 years. 

Through her University Research Chair, Dujmovic will continue to develop knowledge in various fields, while her influence continues to extend beyond research through her mentorship of a new generation of computer science students.   

Join us in congratulating Professor Dujmovic!