Partnership with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories to boost research and student opportunities

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Collaborations between industry and academia have long spurred research and development. The partnership between Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and the University of Ottawa not only advances knowledge, but also plays a key role in talent acquisition and development.

A memorandum of understanding between Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), the University of Ottawa and CNL to facilitate the mobility and professional development of staff and to give them access to specialized facilities was originally signed November 23, 2022. The collaboration is based on shared goals in advancing research and development in health, safety, energy, and the environment.  

The partnership has recently expanded to identify, nurture, and recognize exceptional students. CNL is looking to the University of Ottawa to be a primary source of STEM graduates as clean energy development has become a priority to address climate change and support Canada’s net zero emissions goals. Through a multi-year sponsorship agreement, CNL will support student-facing initiatives across three faculties, including the Faculty of Engineering.

From celebrating student awards of excellence to showcasing student-led research, CNL is enhancing the learning experience for uOttawa STEM students. This term, CNL is lead sponsor of Design Day, one of Ottawa’s largest student competitions, organized by the Faculty of Engineering and featuring engineering design projects developed to solve real-life client issues.

“CNL’s support is invaluable. By providing us with opportunities to apply our in-class education to real-world challenges, they have empowered us to make a meaningful impact while learning new skills. This opportunity is so important as we imagine our future career paths. I appreciate their dedication to nurturing the next generation of engineers, their meaningful insights, and the chance to expand our learning beyond the classroom!” shares Luis Ibarra Perez, third-year biomedical mechanical engineering student.

Gina Strati

“CNL is pleased to be supporting students in their STEM pathways!”

Gina Strati

— Director of academic partnerships, CNL

“As CNL continues to drive progress in clean energy, environmental protection, and essential health care, we are keen to hire people who are passionate about making a difference. With its focus on team-based, hands-on, technology-forward learning, the University of Ottawa makes an ideal partner. CNL is pleased to be supporting students on their STEM pathways!” says Gina Strati, director of academic partnerships, CNL. 

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories representatives meeting with Faculty of Engineering students and members at the Ceremony of Excellence.
Faculty of Engineering Ceremony of Excellence, November 2023

The three partners have more than a decade of collaboration to build on, with experience in training the next generation of nuclear scientists. Read about past collaborations here.

We’re grateful for CNL’s exceptional support, and thank the researchers, staff, professors, and students who continue to play a vital role in this all-around winning partnership.