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Technology Project Management (concentration)

The advanced project management concentration can be added to a Faculty of Engineering online master's program to add several layers of knowledge and skills related to a project life cycle, from identification through design, planning, realization, and close-out.

Why advanced project management?

Enhancing your chosen program’s core competencies, the Technology Project Management concentration allows you to master technology-oriented projects, giving you a complete project lifecycle toolkit. From identifying opportunities to ensuring successful completion, you’ll gain the skills to lead and contribute effectively to all phases of projects with a technology orientation.

In this concentration, you’ll:

  • Learn additional and essential aspects of technology project management
  • Study the complexities of project information management
  • Understand the factors that can put projects at risk and how to manage them

Key competencies developed in this concentration:

  • Complex project management
  • Project information management
  • Project risk management


These courses are only offered in English.

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