You can take the UX Design concentration as part of a Faculty of Engineering online master’s. User experience principles and practices are critical to the development of applications, services and products.

User experience (UX), including simplicity, adequacy and usability, is critical to the success of applications, services and products. Multiple steps go into effective product design, from user research to interactive design to visual literacy. The UX Design concentration equips you with understanding of the principles, methods and tools that foster creativity and innovation while enabling effective UX. 

In this concentration, you’ll:

  • Learn about important UX elements and principles, including functionality, usability and desirability, through design activities.
  • Gain proficiency in UX design, applying methods and tools to create innovative, effective and efficient solutions.
  • Use advanced interaction design tools and techniques, including sketching, wireframing, prototyping and design thinking.

Key competencies developed by this concentration:

  • User experience design
  • Visual literacy
  • Communication and integration of multi-disciplinary expertise related to UX


These courses are only offered in English.

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