Iosef Onut
Iosif Onut
Adjunct professor



Dr. Onut is currently affiliated with IBM Security Systems and Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) at IBM. He also is Adjunct Professor at University of Ottawa. He completed his PhD degree at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick and specializes in topics related to network security, such as simulation, detection, prediction, and visualization of network attacks, and in-depth study of network features for attack detection. Currently, his main research focus is in the area of Web 2.0 application security, compliance and crawling, but also intelligent sensor technologies for context-aware security risk assessment.

Throughout his career, he was part of many Research and Development collaborations with institutions such as: DaimlerChrysler AG Research and Technology center in Berlin, Germany; National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Information Technology, Fredericton, Canada; City of Fredericton, Network Infrastructure, Fredericton, Canada; Q1Labs, Boston, US; and recently CAS-IBM, Ottawa, Canada.

He authored more than 40 patents, journals, conference publications and technical reports at prestigious international journals and conferences such as Elsevier Computers and Security, Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science and Information Security Conference.