Doctor Marina Sokolova
Doctor Marina Sokolova
Adjunct Professor


3232, RGN, School of EPHPM, Faculty of Medicine, 451 Smyth Rd.


Dr. Sokolova is a member of FGPS and Adjunct Professor at Faculty of Medicine. She and her graduate students work in Text Data Mining and Machine Learning. Dr. Sokolova is a member of program committees of international conferences on Artificial Intelligence and reviews for international journals in the field of Text Data Mining. Her primary affiliation is with Institute for Big Data Analytics. (

Development of automated methods for Text Data Mining is a challenging task, especially when the methods apply to big volumes of ever-changing data, a phenomenon which is called Big Data. Our goal is to design and deploy the methods that work well with variety of content and context. Part of our research focuses on design and development of automated methods for analysis of user-written Web content and protection of privacy of users. These methods are used to find and extract information from social media, including details pertaining to personal health information and public health. We build methods for automated sentiment analysis and opinion mining from contents of user messages. We also work on extraction and analysis of personal health information posted in social media (e.g., Twitter, social networks, medical forums).

Research interests

  • Text Data Mining
  • Social Mining
  • Machine Learning