WonSook Lee
WonSook Lee

Ph.D. (Switzerland)

CBY A509
613-562-5800 ext. 2501


WonSook Lee obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mathematics at the POSTECH (Korea), M.Sc at the NUS (Singapore), postgraduate certificate in EPFL and PhD in Computer Science at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). She also worked in several industries such as Korea Telecom and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea and Eyematic Interfaces, Inc. in U.S.A. before joining the University of Ottawa in 2003. She is currently a tenured Full Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineerin at the University of Ottawa.

Professor Lee has produced more than 30 journal and 100 conference papers and was a chair, program chair, poster/demo chairs and in program committee for variou conferences and in editorial boards for several journals. Throughout her time at the University of Ottawa, she has been awarded several research grants such as the NSERC DISCOVERY, NSERC RTI, CFI, ORF, ORNEC, CIHR/NSERC CHRP, NSERC Engage, SME4SME, NCE GRAND, Global Frontier R&D program by the National Research Foundation of Korea and Mitacs. For many of the grants, she is the Principal Investigator. She also served in the NSERC Strategic Project Selection committee for four years.

Her research areas cover computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. She is interested in various applications with 2D images and 3D mesh such as virtual/augmented reality and medical applications such as MRI/CT/Ultrasound image analysis.

Professor WonSook Lee's lab website. 

Research interests

  • Medical Imaging
  • Machine /Deep Learning
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Vision
  • Computer Games