The uOttawa Makerlab offers a course-based laboratory setting focused on rapid prototyping technologies. University courses can include lab sessions at the Makerlab to give students a structured experience learning about many of the technologies available at the Richard L’Abbé Makerspace.

Learn to create

Located next to the uOttawa Richard L’Abbé Makerspace, the MakerLab offers a learning space capable of handling class sessions of 36 students, and contains the equipment to conduct sessions instructing students on digital technologies such as 3D printing, microcontrollers and app development.

Using the space

The MakerLab is used for Engineering Design courses and is available to students and faculty involved in those courses

The MakerLab provides training on the use of digital equipment through various workshops. Workshops are offered on a regular basis to provide an introduction on the proper and safe use of the equipment. All workshops are available to any student and university faculty member interested.

Users are expected to be courteous, helpful, and respectful to peers. The space should be clean and the lab equipment properly put away/secured.

Courses at the MakerLab

The following courses hold lab sessions within the MakerLab:

GNG 1103 - Engineering Design

A hands-on, team-based introduction to engineering design for engineers and computer scientists. Students will be exposed to a range of design skills and techniques, and upon successful completion, will be able to effectively enter and be successful in a design competition. Topics include design thinking, engineering design process, prototyping, engineering economics, safety, ethics and project management.

Students will learn the basics of working with a competitive, multidisciplinary team including understanding and applying basic principles of a design process, entrepreneurial thinking, and iteration methods. Students will also get hands-on experience with a wide array of cross-discipline engineering tools, as well as build the teamwork and interpersonal communication skills necessary for effective team projects.


GNG 2101 - Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers

A hands-on, team-based introduction to product development and management principles, suitable for both engineers and computer scientists, including the social and the economic aspects of current technological practice. Topics include: creativity and innovation, the product development process, project management, market evaluation and identification, engineering economics, and technological entrepreneurship.

The course lab component uses technologies available from both the Makerspace Lab and the Brunsfield Center. Students will execute a major project using these different lab spaces to create their prototypes. This project work is student-defined, iterative and requires multidisciplinary teamwork.


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