Blaine Hoshizaki
Blaine Hoshizaki
Full Professor

1978, Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, University of Illinois
1975, M.A., Exercise Physiology, University of South Alabama
1974, BPE, Physical Education, University of Calgary

LEE 520C


Blaine Hoshizaki is director of the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory at the University of Ottawa. He is an internationally recognized scientist in head and brain injury. 

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Hoshizaki has developed a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between head impact mechanics and neurological outcomes and damage. He has 171 refereed scientific publications, has given over 290 scientific presentations and holds 22 product patents.  He has applied scientific discovery to product development in VP roles for CCM Hockey and Bauer Hockey. He consulted for the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers, and in 2011, was named as one of the top 50 most influential people in sport by the Globe and Mail. 

In the United States Senate committee hearings on concussions and the marketing of sports equipment, (112th Congress), Hoshizaki was described as an expert scientist and biomechanical engineer who had published excellent work regarding helmet performance and the mechanics of head injury.  

Hoshizaki’s engineering and design teams have developed helmets for a multitude of sports, including ice hockey, cycling, snowmobile, lacrosse, equestrian and football, as well as motorcycle helmets.  Hoshizaki has chaired the ISO Committee for Ice Hockey Product Certification, as well as serving as a member of NOCSAE, ASTM and CSA helmet safety committees. 

With 25 years of head injury research and business development experience, Hoshizaki sees an opportunity to make a large-scale impact on risk mitigation through monitoring and managing head trauma accurately and accessibly.

Professor Hoshizaki is accepting new students for thesis supervision.

Ongoing research

Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory 

Vision: Head and brain injuries will become a rare and inconsequential part of athletic and leisure activities.

Mission: Undertake research that contributes in a meaningful way to decreasing all types of head injury in sport.

  1. Undertake research to better understand the relationship between brain trauma and brain injury.
  2. Undertake research that provides an understanding of how brain injuries occur to support educational programs to decrease injury in sport.
  3. Undertake research designed to improve the effectiveness of brain injury prevention strategies.


Complete publications: ResearchGate

Papers in refereed journals (2020/19)

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Selected publications

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Conferences and publications

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