D. Gordon E. Robertson
D. Gordon E. Robertson
Emeritus Professor

1980, Ph.D., Systems Design, Engineering, Univsersity of Waterloo
1977, M.Sc., Kinesiology, Univsersity of Waterloo
1974, B.Sc., Kinesiology (Honours), Univsersity of Waterloo


Executive member and webpage editor for Canadian Society for Biomechanics, member of the International Society of Biomechanics. Author of introductory textbook on biomechanics. Author of Biomech Motion Analysis System which is used to analyze human motion and biomedical signals. Researches mechanics of human gait (walking to sprinting), lifting, load carriage and athletic performances.

Research interests

  • Sport biomechanics
  • Human locomotion
  • Ergonomics
  • Energetics of human motion


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    Cluff, T.; D.G.E. Robertson and R. Balasubramaniam. Kinetics of the lower extremity during the skill of hula hooping: An exploratory analysis. Human Movement Science. (Accepted)
  • Potoczny, S.; Robertson, D.G.E. and Sveistrup, H. Toddler gait: Lower extremity net moments and powers. Gait & Posture. (Accepted)

Research projects

  • Biomechanics of stair descent with a front load.
  • Kinetic analysis of gait initiation.
  • Angular impulse and momentum of the pirouette.
  • Work and power analysis of the roundhouse kick.